Your room is on the second floor, 6 mats Japanese style room with wardrobe, a Japanese chest of drawers, a dresser
and air-conditioned, Shared bathroom and kitchen. I have 2 kitchens and 2 bathrooms and 3 toilets.
I do the laundry for you every day.

 Gest room    kitchin
Guest room                                                             Kitchen

LAN and a hair dryer are provided.
Notice; Have to be a dog lover, No Smoking in the house

The Rent

Per person
Full Board one night 6,500 yen (about 50 pounds)
Full Board 7 nights 44,000 yen (about 340 pounds)
The deposit is 50 % of the accommodation fee which is not refundable.

*Two people share the room, 6,000yen per person


Japanese or international food
Tenpura    afternoon tea

Tempra                                                                  Afternoon tea


*You can have a meal on the terrace, if you want.


Front door                   Side door

Front door                                                                           Side door

My Happy Guests

From England From England

From England From England 

From America From America

from Italy From Italy