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Narita International Airport

Sight Seeing in Chiba
Chiba Prefecture, surrounded on three sides by the sea, has an oceanic mild climate, warm in winter and cool in summer.
Especially the Minamiboso coast rarely has frost even in winter due to the warm current (Black Current) running in the offing.
It, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, is blessed with wide, green-full, rich nature and a superior location adjacent to the metropolitan Tokyo,
and thanks to the improved expressways, you can have easy access to various places within the prefecture.
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National Museum of Japanese History
The National Museum of Japanese History, known popularly in Japanese as Rekihaku,
is a general museum of Japanese history that houses and displays some 200,000 artifacts of historical importance
and cultural value that together help to tell the story of Japan's past.
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Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art
In order to publicly exhibit art collected by DIC Corporation and its affiliates have collected,
Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art opened in Sakura City, Chiba prefecture in May 1990,
adjacent to the DIC Central Research Laboratory. Currently, the number of collected artworks exceeds 1000.

Sakura-city Sightseeing Information
In the Edo period, there were many samurai houses in the castle town Sakura.

Tukamoto Samurai Sword Museum
The museum displays 20 items from its collection of more than 400 Japanese
and other sword and 250 sheaths and other parts.
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Chiba Boso-no-mura Museum 
The special experience travel back to the old Japan of 150 years ago.
Challenge traditional techniques and handicrafts!