Reference for Sachiko Tanaka:

"I have known Sachiko (Miss Tanaka) for many years (since 1980) and I am glad to call her my friend.
We have kept in touch over the years and I follow the course her life has taken with great interest.

She has always been very hard working and imaginative in approaching any set-backs or problems and
shows considerable patience in over-coming obstacles.

I have found her completely trustworthy and honest in all her relationships and although she sometimes
has strong opinions she is ready to listen to others when the occasion demands it.

As a friend she is considerate, faithful, concerned about others and extremely generous. I would love to
be the first one to share her home but unfortunately that is not possible; anyone who has the opportunity
would be very welcome I'm sure."

at abbey language school
*At abbey language shcool in Abbey Road, London (in 1990)