Homestay in Chiba, Japan

Welcome to my home page!
I hope you would have a happy time in Japan, if you join me here.

Four Seasons in Chiba, Japan

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Cherry blossoms at Sakura Castle Park Summer Festival at Chiyoda town

    Spring     A charity sale in the garage for        Summer    Festivals in August
    the animals in Fukushima

Peanuts huts Natita-san temple at New Year

     Autumn    Autunm festival in Sakura City      Winter  Snow viewing of the house

We have clear four seasons and each season is different and beautiful.

In spring, a lot of people go to view the cherry blossom and eat lunch or dinner under the trees.
In my house, I sometimes have a garage sale and raise some money for animals in Fukushima prefecture.

It is very hot and humid in summer here but we enjoy the heat and go the seaside or mountains.
There are a lot of Summer Festivals near here as well.

In autumn, it is a nice season and you can see many peanut huts around this area and Chiba area.

In winter, we have a lot of sunshine and warm weather. If you sit on the train with sunshine behind you,
you will easily fall asleep and you may miss your station. Yet, we have snow sometimes as you can see on the homepage.
On New Year’s Eve, people go to the shrine or the temple at midnight.


It takes about 40 min. by train from Narita Air Port to my nearest JR (Japan Railway) station.
Then it is about two miles to my house. You can easily travel to Tokyo by train and it takes about 50 min.
There are beautiful beaches in Chiba prefecture so I and Goldy often visit the beaches by car.
You can use a railway pass to get there.

I live in the country side in Japan with my dog (Goldy), who is a golden retriever, about twelve years old.
We enjoy walking in this area, where there is a lot of nature to see.
I am a 65 years old English teacher. I used to study and work at Abbey School in Abbey Road in London.
There I met many people from different countries and found different cultures.
I have learnt a lot from this experience. It was a very special time and has special memories for me.
Now I encourage you to come to Japan and find something here.

While you stay in my house, you are treated as a family. You can use anything you need for daily necessities.
Concerning Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, we can discuss what you have for the meals.
As I teach English for old people, you might be invited for lunch or dinner to their homes where you can really
have contact and get the feeling of Japan.

-Sachiko Tanaka-

A  letter from Valerie Lawrence

Goldy and me

With Godly

house    terrace
My house                                                                A view of my terrace
Goldy    garden
Goldy                                                                      There is a wheat field behind the garden.

Any inquiries, please contact me.
I will tell you my telephone number after the contact.